Our eating lifestyle today is vastly different from that of the past from Farm to Fork. It is therefore a necessity on the food system (From Farm to Fork) for the various practices and procedures to be examined, in order to ensure the safety of our food.

The food industry is aware of the importance of food safety and also aware of the implications of food safety failures as such, holds a responsibility to meet consumer expectations, ensure safety of their food products and also meet all local and international regulatory requirements.  Food processors, producers, importers and exporters rely on modern quality management systems to ensure the safety and quality of the products they produce. These management systems are used by food processors to ensure that quality assurance procedures at each level are achieved.The best way to practice food safety is to be well informed and mentored about the basic principles of food production and food quality systems in the food industry.

On this basis, MS Food Safety Consultancy is drawn to serve its clients with scientific and practical food safety/quality information, guidance and assistance in ensuring the safety of their produce/products as we grow together with our clients.



To provide consultation services by assisting all the sectors of the food system that are involved in agricultural production, food processing, service, importation and exportation of food with practical and useful information to assure the safety of their produce/products to the consumer.


Our Team is made up of well-equipped food industry professionals who apply their broad knowledge and experiences to assist our clients in upgrading or redefining their food quality systems. We believe in “LET IT HAPPEN” and we are dedicated to the success of our clients.


CEO/Founder: Ms Food Safety Consultancy
Co-Founder : Food Safety Action Network
2016/2017 Hubert Humphrey Fellow: Cornell University, Usa.

Monipel Owusua Ansong is the Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of MS Food Safety Consultancy. She is also a Co-founder of Food Safety Action Network (FSAN-NGO) and a 2016/2017 Hubert Humphrey Fellow at Cornell University-USA ( Project: Food Safety in Food Security under the area of Agricultural and Rural Development).

She holds a BSc in Food Science and Technology and MSc in Food Quality Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with several international Food Safety professional upgrades. She is a member of the International Food Safety and Quality Network (IFSQN) and IFT(Institute of Food Technologists).

Ms Ansong is a generational thinker with key research interests in Agricultural, Food Safety and Food Security.  She has over 7 years’ experience in food safety consultation as a food quality assurance analyst, a food safety team leader and a food safety consultant to Farmers, SME’s, Food importers, Exporters and Processors/Manufactures. She has mentored several Quality Assurance Professionals in gaining grounds in their field of work. Her goal is to work with determined teams and professionals to build dynamic initiatives that would drive positive changes in the Food and Agricultural Sector.

Monipel Owusua Ansong loves charity works and volunteers in several orphanages across the globe in giving back to the community. She loves reading, teaching kids, and singing, volunteering, dancing, rock climbing and travelling.




Executive Team Member: Ms Food Safety Consultancy
Co-Founder: Food Safety Action Network NGO

Richard Kuddy is the Food and Environmental Consultant at MS Food Safety Consultancy and a Laboratory Technician at the Environmental and Chemistry Division (ECD) of the Water Research Institute – Council of Scientific Research Institute (CSIR-WRI). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Cape Coast (UCC). As a Laboratory Technician in the Environmental Chemistry Division (ECD) of the institute, He has been part of several research team at CSIR-WRI in using physico-chemical techniques to assess the quality of potable water and waste water used for irrigation and industrial purposes and in running laboratory analysis on all aspects of water and environmentally-related resources in providing scientific and technical information. He was a selected fellow member on the Sanipath Research Study on Assessment of Fecal Exposure Pathways in Low-Income Urban Settings” in collaboration with Emory University-USA, Water Research Institute- Ghana, Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research-Ghana and the London School of Hygiene – UK.

Mr. Kuddy is an expert in analyzing environmental samples for the determination of Total Petroleum Content (TPC), Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), BTEX and Chlorinated Pesticides in sediment, water and biological samples (fruits, vegetables, fish, meat etc) and also a Food Safety Professional.

He loves reading, researching, watching football matches and travelling.



Executive Team Member: Ms Food Safety Consultancy
Co-Founder: Food Safety Action Network NGO

Mr. Dennis Anane Awuah is a Food Process and Engineering Consultant with vast knowledge in Quality Assurance and Food Process Engineering.

He holds a degree in Engineering Sciences with specialization in Food Process Engineering from the University of Ghana-Legon and a diploma in Food Safety and Workplace Safety/Health from ALISON- Advance Leaning Interactive Systems – Online. He also has invaluable work experiences and skills in the Food Industry over the years and has earned for himself several personal development and professional certificates.

Mr. Awuah is patriotic and passionate about Human Rights and Peace Advocacy. His vision is balancing professional life and personal life and making great contributions to the lives of humanity on a global platform.



Executive Team Member: Ms Food Safety Consultancy
Co-Founder: Food Safety Action Network NGO

Hannah Amponsah a food quality and safety advocate with over two year experience in food quality assurance in the food industry. Hannah  has BSc in Laboratory Technology from the University of Cape Coast and currently offering Masters in Food Quality Management at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Now with MS food safety helping all food service operators in the food chain from plough to  plate to ensure that all achieve quality and safe food for consumers around the world. coordinating food business operators within the area of operation to facilitate food safety systems by food business operators.


Bernice Owusu Ansomaa – TEAM MEMBER
Maame Ekua Manful – TEAM MEMBER
Gideon Ankrah – TEAM MEMBER
Lawrencia Adjei – TEAM MEMBER
Trudy Tetteh – TEAM MEMBER



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