Facility layout configuration / set up is very important in terms of maximizing the effectiveness of a production process and meeting the safety standards of the end food product. We assist for manufacturing companies to configure a desired and effective layout and process line to maximize production and to ensure quality of these products.

2-research-and-development-feasibility-studyRESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (FEASIBILITY STUDY)

We work directly towards the innovation, introduction, and improvement of products and processes.  We run research and development feasibility studies to determine the key elements of the proposed research project of our clients to ascertain if they are based on sound principles

5-regulatory-certifications-support-servicesREGULATORY CERTIFICATIONS SUPPORT SERVICES

MS Food Safety Consultancy provides comprehensive assistance in regulatory certifications support services to support all categories of companies in the food industry. Clients receive our valuable guidance to help them in securing the required regulatory certifications.

Below is a list of our regulatory certification support services

  • FDA Registration and Certifications
  • GSA Registration and Certifications
  • EPA Registration and Certifications
  • International Certification
  • Other required certifications

food-qualiity-systems-upgrading-and-implementationFOOD QUALITY SYSTEM UPGRADING AND IMPLEMENTATION

Food Safety is more proactive than a reactive process. Whether in a proactive or reactive state, we guide our clients to establish safeguards to prevent eliminate or reduce potential hazards during production / manufacturing, storage, and distribution. MS Food Safety Consultancy guides its clients to develop

  • Standard Operating Procedures(SOP’s)
  • Food Safety Manual
  • HACCP System
  • Internal Audit Plan


MS Food Safety Consultancy has well-designed Food Safety and Sanitation training programs that suits the needs of its clients. No matter the size of the farm/manufacturing company of our clients, we guide our clients to keep the safety of their produce/products and regard the health of their consumers as their number one priority. We render the following basic training with many others

  • Good Agricultural Practices(GAP) Training
  • Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP) Training
  • Personnel Hygiene Training
  • Basic Food Safety Training
  • HACCP Training
  • Total Quality Management
  • Supplier Quality Assurance
  • Process Control
  • Other specific Food Safety Training for Producers and Processors.

6-laboratory-analysis-collaboration-with-gac-netherlandsCOLLABORATIVE LABORATORY RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS WITH GROEN AGRO CONTROL-GAC

We collaborate with Groen Agro Control-Netherlands to render accredited laboratory analysis for farmers/farm produce importers/exporters, processors, research organizations and individuals. These laboratory analyses rendered include:

  • Complete MRL(pesticides) Analysis for Farm Produce
  • Complete MRL(pesticides) Analysis for water and soil samples
  • Mycotoxins Analysis
  • Total Soil Outfield Analysis
  • Nutrition Analysis(Leaves and Fruits)
  • Water Analysis
  • Advance DNA Technology on Moulds
  • Food Safety Diagnosis(Heavy Metals)
  • Plant Disease Study and Diagnosis
  • Nutritional Analysis(Soil)
  • Nutritional Analysis(Farm Produce/Food Product)
  • General food tests and analysis.

“Our Pesticide Residue Screening is fast and Reliable. Different methods and equipment (LC-MS/MS & GC-MS) are used to analyze different types of samples to quantify over 600 compounds-pesticides in a fast, efficient and reliable way.”